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3 ways to book your skip

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HomeOn road skip hire quote
Home On road skip hire quote

On Road Skip Hire

We often provide on road skip hire to those who require a skip but have no driveway to put it on. For skips to be located on a public highway, skip permits are granted by the local council.

Many councils request that the skip hire company apply for the permit and Hurleys will be able to do this for you when you fill in the form below. If we are required to apply for it for you, we will need payment for it beforehand. Skip permits are required for both residential and commercial use.

On road skip hire restrictions

There are various restrictions and rules for on road skip hire that you must agree to abide by when a skip permit is granted, such as it must not be placed on double yellow lines and it must be lit at night. Hurleys will be able to assist in these restrictions wherever possible and to ensure that your skip is legal.

Traffic sensitive roads only

If you are applying for an on-road skip within Barnet and your road is listed as a Traffic Sensitive Road, you will be charged a one-off fee of £58.50 for Barnet Council to inspect your road and confirm that you can apply for an on-road skip. For more information, contact Barnet council.

Skip permits and prices

You can find out more about skip permits and prices (which are set by the council) on your local council website. The Highway Authority will visit the site where the skip is located before it is delivered to ensure they are aware of any damage to the site beforehand.

Skip Hire Permit Guide

Area Duration Cost Who Applies
Barnet 2 Weeks £52 Skip Co.
Barnet Renewal 1 Week £26 Skip Co.
Enfield 30 Days £54 Skip Co.
Enfield Renewal 10 Days £36 Skip Co.
Hertfordshire 2 Weeks £37 Skip Co.
Hertfordshire Renewal 1 Week £19 Skip Co.
Harringey 28 Days £72.10 Customer
Harrow 1 Month £40 Skip Co.
Camden 2 Weeks £40 Customer


Barnet Road check One off fee £58.50 Skip Co.


If you have any questions about on road skip hire, please do not hesitate to contact us

For Hurleys Skip Hire to provide you with an on road skip, please fill in the contact form.

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