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Home Skip Hire – get organised in 2019!
Skip Hire – get organised in 2019!

It’s the new year and we’re sure, like us, you’re fed up of reading all the “New Year, New You” blog posts and social media posts that have doing the rounds for the past few weeks! However, what if we gave you a simple skip hire resolution for 2019 that would actually make a difference to you for the rest of the year and which didn’t involve going to the gym six days a week and drinking kale smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner?


Skip hire declutter your home Hurleys Skip Hire Enfield Barnet, Hatfield, Southagte

By decluttering early on in the year could make a huge difference to your mindset for the rest of 2019. Whilst we’re not suggesting you go all Marie Kondo and remove everything from your home bar the basics, having a clear out will leave you with much more room and much tidier cupboards and storage areas and that’s where skip hire from Hurley’s Skip Hire can help!


As we all know, the charity shops really benefit from people decluttering their homes, but many things just aren’t fit to take there. Broken toys, chipped crockery, rusty and unusable bikes, broken dressing tables you had every intention of upcycling, – the list of items we never use – or simply can’t as they are unfixable – is endless. So, what do you do then?

Hire a skip today!

Hire a skip! Hiring a small skip can be done from as little as £150 and will be big enough to fit in 20-25 big bags of rubbish. Being able to throw the stuff straight into a giant bin your garden is much more appealing than loading up the car numerous times and heading off to the local tip. Who else has thought they would do this before and the rubbish has ended up in the porch for months on end until you get around to it?


Get your home organised and the rubbish removed with skip hire from Hurley’s. We hire skips throughout London and Hertfordshire, including Potters Bar, Barnet, Enfield and Hatfield. Contact the team today for more information, or simply book your skip online.