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Home Commercial Waste Management
hurleys commercial waste management

Commercial Waste Management Transfer Station Hertfordshire

Our Potters Bar Commercial Waste Management Transfer Station is a quick and effective location for disposing of your general waste and recyclable materials from across Hertfordshire, North London and Home Counties.  The Waste Transfer Station is able to welcome drop offs between 8 AM – 4 PM Monday to Friday and 8AM – 12PM Saturday from vehicles up to the size of 18 tonne trucks with no need to make appointment. For Larger Vehicles please call and make an appointment.

Commercial waste management from Hurleys Skip Hire

Our Commercial Waste Management Transfer Station can handle more than of 25,000 tonnes of non-hazardous commercial and industrial waste per year, of which we’re pleased to say that up to 90% is recycled, adding to the important environmental credentials for our customers.  All the waste received on site is separated and sorted in to larger containers on-site before being transferred on for recycling or final disposal.

If you would like to discuss your commercial or industrial waste disposal in more detail, then we would be pleased to hear from you.
Call us now on 0800 883 0426.

We can handle:

Non Hazardous Commercial Waste Management Non Hazardous Waste

Commercial Waste Management Commercial Waste

tick-18x18 Industrial Waste

Recycling Commercial Waste Management Recycling Waste

Non Recoverable Commercial Waste Management Non Recoverable Waste Management

Commercial Waste Accepted with surcharge

The following items are accepted but carry the following surcharge when disposed at our Potters Bar depot:

  • Mattress – £10
  • Fridge/freezer (under counter) – £25
  • Fridge/freezer (full height ) – £35


There is a surcharge for these items as Fridges & Freezers need to be taken away by a special company to be safely de-gassed before disposal.  Mattresses are not allowed to go to landfill and are disposed of with specific companies.  Vehicle tyres are also not allowed to go to landfill and are collected by specialists – this is done per unit price.

Waste Managment Contact Form

Type of waste

Accepted Commercial Waste

The following items and materials are accepted as commercial waste at our Commercial Waste Management Transfer Station in Potters Bar

Commercial Furniture Waste Management Furniture

Commercial Furnishings Waste Management Furnishings

Timber Commercial Waste Management Timber

Plastic Commercial Waste Management Plastic

Commercial Packaging Waste Management Packaging

Commercial Waste Management Bricks Bricks

Rubble Commercial Waste Management Rubble

Soil Commercial Waste Management Soil

Hardcore Commercial Waste Management Hardcore

Hazardous or harmful items not accepted as Commercial Waste

The following items and material are not accepted as commercial waste:

Cross-18x18 Asbestos – classed as Dangerous Waste and should only be handled by specially trained and licensed companies who comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 wearing the appropriate safety clothing and PPE.

Cross-18x18 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – WEEE

Cross-18x18 Fluorescent Tubes

Cross-18x18 Paint tins

Cross-18x18 Batteries

Cross-18x18 Medical Waste

Cross-18x18 Gas Cylinders – as well as gas bottles & fire extinguishers – whatever size – are extremely dangerous and explosive even when they appear to be empty and should be handled with extreme care.  They need to be de-gassed by a specialist before they can be safely disposed of.

Cross-18x18 Oil

Cross-18x18 Petrol

Cross-18x18 Diesel

Oil, petrol & diesel are all environmental contaminates with specific legal requirements on how they should be stored and disposed of which is not a service Hurley’s offer. You can get advice from your local council or the Oil Recycling Association on how to dispose of these products safely and legally.

Cross-18x18 Solvents

Cross-18x18 Explosives

Cross-18x18  Food waste – Our Licence permits us to accept Inert Wastes and Degradable Wastes.  Food waste and Household waste from you kitchen bin, however, requires a different type of licence that insists waste to be fully processed within a matter of hours in specially licensed site.

To view our Waste Surcharge information CLICK HERE