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HomeNews PostSkip Hire: Discovering Old Books!
Home Skip Hire: Discovering Old Books!
Skip Hire: Discovering Old Books!
  • skip hire hurleys picture of a pile of books on desk
skip hire with hurleys skip hire picture of old books

Everyone loves a good book! These old books were brought in by a waste removal company last week.

The oldest title was published in 1806, that makes it 213 years old! Although here at Hurleys Skip Hire we pride ourselves on recycling all cardboard and paper, these books were saved from such a fate!

They might not be worth very much in terms of money, but some things are too rare and precious even to be recycled.

When clearing out old books be sure to check the date of their publication, they too could be rare. Also, why not consider donating all books to a local charity or selling them on yourself. They can be bulky and heavy and add additional cost to your disposal. Plus, it helps the environment and could earn you a little money back. Someone out there might want to read the books you have, because it’s true everyone does love a good book!